Kuvva for Mac

Refreshing Wallpapers

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Effortless beauty

Kuvva for Mac streams beautiful wallpapers right to your desktop, presenting you breathtaking images every day of the week.

Select your outlook

Kuvva has an image for every mood. Choose to stream the featured artist of the week, or discover the most popular wallpapers on Kuvva.

Make it your own

Sign up to create a stream of favorites. It’s easy to mark wallpapers in the app, or browse our website for images that speak to you.

Always inspiring

Every week we introduce images from a diverse selection of the world’s most exceptional artists. Each set is exclusive, and a thing of beauty.

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A perfect, simple, and almost invisible solution
to always have an inspiring desktop

Style your iPhone

Also available: Kuvva for iPhone to browse, set images on your lock or home screen, and use your account to share favorites between your Mac and iPhone.

Kuvva for Mac is available in the App Store for $2.99