Amok Island

Amok Island

Perth, Australia

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Stedelijk Presents
Those of you who have been following Kuvva for a while might remember that we featured work a little while ago that was co-curated by internationally renowned modern & contemporary art and design centre, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
We're excited to announce that we're picking up where we left off and will continue our partnership with them. The first artist to be featured this year is the incredibly talented Amok Island, with more to follow in the near future.

About Amok Island
Amok Island hails from Amsterdam but currently lives and works as an artist and designer in Perth, Western Australia.
After more than a decade of painting murals in the heart of Amsterdam, his love for everything tropical saw him travel across Asia before settling in Perth, Western Australia in 2009.

From his studio in Inglewood, Western Australia, Amok Island paints large colourful (marine) nature inspired canvases and murals and creates screen prints which are from start till finish hand made in his studio, using a technique of exposing the screens to the light of the sun.
Amok Island has exhibited his work extensively in Australia and The Netherlands, you can find his public murals in Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Greece, Egypt and Portugal. Below sea level you can also come across some of his large concrete letter sculptures, slowly being covered by sea life.

See more of Amok Island's work over at Stedelijk Presents and read a short interview with him on the Stedelijk Journal.