Eric Ceccarini

Eric Ceccarini


Kuvva and Doinel
For our final featured set in collaboration with Doinel we're happy to present Eric Ceccarini's beautiful Amnios series.

About Doinel
A pop-up gallery with roots in London, Doinel’s moving-gallery ethos allows it to constantly adapt bringing artist and collector together. As an extension of this philosophy, Doinel has collaborated with Kuvva to present a unique series showcasing a selection of notable contemporary photographers every other week for the months of February and March.

Eric Ceccarini
Belgian artist Eric Ceccarini is a renowned fashion photographer who has worked with a long list of luxury names including: Elle, Marie-Claire, L'Oréal, Levi's and Virgin. In his fine art, Ceccarini captures women’s transcendental essence and soul. His work has been exhibited widely in Belgium, France and Spain.

Ceccarini’s ‘Amnios’ is a series of ‘soul portraits’, in which the models appear in suspended animation - representing the nude in ethereal form. Ceccarini cites Botticelli as one of his primary inspirations, and his influence is visible throughout ‘Amnios’ in the conceptual mirroring of the Birth of Venus.