Paul Ratigan

Paul Ratigan

London, UK

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Set as desktop wallpaper with Kuvva for Mac. Available on the App Store.

Kuvva and Doinel
After our previous two calm, nature inspired sets in collaboration with Doinel they return with a more urban set from photographer Paul Ratigan for their third featured set.

About Doinel
A pop-up gallery with roots in London, Doinel’s moving-gallery ethos allows it to constantly adapt bringing artist and collector together. As an extension of this philosophy, Doinel has collaborated with Kuvva to present a unique series showcasing a selection of notable contemporary photographers every other week for the months of February and March.

Paul Ratigan
Architecture and structural engineering form the backbone of Paul Ratigan’s subject matter. Originally a commercial architectural photographer, he brings this technical knowledge and visual precision to his fine art photography practice.

Based in London, but a regular traveller, Paul works solely with cityscapes.

In ‘Cities’ Paul overlays multiple images, blurring the boundaries between the real and the abstract to create many-layered cityscapes. The result is an energetic and dynamic artwork that both reflects a fast-paced and industrialized landscape.

Read more about the ‘Cities' series and view a short film on the making-of here.